Teacher’s Role in Learner-centred Classroom

  1.A brief introduction of learner-centred approach
  Principles In learner-centred classroom,the learner is projected as an active participant who accomplishes the learning tasks indepently or in collaboration with his or her classmates. “Allow little space for the students to develop the language competence” .
  Aims In learner-centred classroom ,one major aim or set of aims will relate to the teaching of specific language skills,other aims will relate to the development of learning skills. Such aims may include the following “to provide students with efficient learning strategies,to develop skills, to encourage students to set their their own objectives,to encourage students… ” .
  2. Different Teacher’s role in Learner-centred Classroom .
  The teacher as controller
  The teacher as a controller is closely allied to the image that teachers project of themselves.Some appear to be natural leaders and performers,while some are quieter and feel happier when students are interacting amongst themselves.
  In learner-centred classroom,it is vital that control should be relaxed if students are to be allowed a chance to learn rather than be taught. In learner-centred classroom,the students are viewed as the main part that can be directed by skilled training techniques to produce correct responses.
  The teacher as assessor
  “Not only is this important pedagogically,but the students quite naturally expect it”. In learner-centred classroom,if students make mistakes,he will be corrected almost instantly.The teacher’s function is to show where incorrectness occurs and help student to see what has gone wrong so that it can be put right.
  The teacher as prompter
  Often the teacher needs to encourage students to participate or needs to make suggestions about how students may process in an activity when there is a silence or when they are confused about what to do next. When students are involved in speaking activities,the teacher asks them to produce sentence of their own using the language.It will give students more chances to improve their speaking ability.The teacher encourages this type of response and of doing so is to insist on an additional remark being made.
  The teacher as participant
  It is important that the teacher ought to as a number of class and participate in class activity. Because the teacher will tent to dominate,and the students will both allow and expect this to happen. It is important for the teacher to conduct feedback about the content of an activity such as simulation as well as discussing the use of English. The teacher’s appreciation is vitally important for students,as an encourager in learner-centred classroom, ,is very necessary.So if one want to be a excellent teacher,it is better for him to play different roles in different classroom.